Smart epilepsy patient monitoring

Do you need intelligent data to better diagnose and monitor your patients? Do you want to shorten your cycle times for your patients after a treatment change? Do you want to save time per patient or increase your patient throughput?

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Our solutions for clinicians & hospitals

Would you like to reduce unscheduled phone consultations by 75%?
Would you like to shorten scheduled phone consultations by 66%?
Would you like to save 5 to 10 minutes per office visit by having seizure data already accessible through our SOENIA™ Cloud?
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UCB Epilepsy
Tampere University Hospital
Adalia Oy Cloud Service Provider
Mectalent Medical Services
Epilepsy Alliance Europe
Oslo University Epilepsy Hospital
St Vincent Hospital EEG Melbourne
University of Tampere Jukka Peltola EEG
Austrian Institute of Technologo BrainCare partner